Shisha Raucher von London, England - Konnen sie bitten hilefn?

  • Guten Tag Shisha Forum,

    Ich werde von 11 - 14 Marz in Bremen fur arbeit sein und Ich werde in ein Hotel in der nahe von Bremen Flughafen wohnen.

    Was is das bestest Shisa Cafe in die nahe die Flughafen? Ich rauch gern Tangiers, AF und Nakhla in England. Kann Ich also shisa tabac kaufen?

    Es tut mir leid fur mein schwer Deutsch. Ich kann Turkisch sprechen wenn das hilfst?

    Veielen dank.


  • hi there,

    first of all you wont find a shisha/hookah cafe that got Tangiers...sometimes they got AF but usually they got selfproduced tobacco, nakhla or al waha.

    in my opinion the easiest way to buy tobacco is to buy it in an online shop.

    in germany it's forbidden to sell tobacco that contains more than 5% liquicity...but in several online shops like: shisha-nil, shisha-arabica or some else you usually get tobacco that contains more liquicity and is smokeable

    search you way through the'll find out which tobacco you can buy and which is a total fail....for example af...rly delicious abroad...but buy it in germany and you'll vomit :>

    tobacco suggestions: Starbuzz, Fantasia, Al Ajamy, Fumari (you can't go wrong with them :))

  • Thanks for the advice guys, it has been a long time since I spoke German but I hope you all understood.

    I have found Sammy's, Sahara and Efendys as places to smoke in Bremen so will check them out when I am there.

    I usually buy my AF and Nakhla in London from friends and order my Tangiers, Starbuzz, Social Smoke and Fumari from USA or buy it when I am there.